Suevia Quick drainage trough 200 litres (44 gal)

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Product description

Quick drainage trough 112" (2,9 m) 200 litres (44 gal)

• For wall mounting or ground mounting (legs sold separately).
• Conical inclined trough in stainless steel.
• Anti-spillage rim – water wastage reduced to a minimum.
• MASTERFLOW float valve ensuring a water flow of up to 40 l/min (10 gal).
• 3/4" male connection at the front side. Float valve cover can be pivoted upwards without use of tools!
• Large drain plug for quick cleaning. Can be operated above water surface.
• With holder for drainage tube DN125 (provided by the customer).
• With hole in operating drainage lever: If frost protection guard is installed as frost protection possibility (see beneath) excessive water produced by frost protection guard is channelled through hole of operating lever.

Recommended for : cows and cattles

Accessories :

• Set of four adjustable legs (131.6030).
• Additional Installation of low pressure float valve is possible (131.0738). To use, for example, warmed-up water from the milk cooling system (not possible when circuit tube model 6064 is installed!), or one additional Maxiflow float valve (131.0700 ) instead.
• Bite protection plate. To cover connections at the front side, suited for of all quick drainage troughs, prevents biting into frost protection heating cables, enables easy insulation or foaming of connection area (131.6085).
• DE LUXE Plug holder, exchange kit for Quick Drainage Trough for an easy opening and closing of the drainage plug (131.6087).

Options for frost protection for Quick drainage trough :

Option A : 24 V heating element to fix under the trough. Frost-free down to approx. -20oC
• Easy fixation under the trough. No sharp edges when cleaning the trough.
• In order to ensure a frost-free feed pipe, a frost protection heating cable 24 V-20 W-2 meters or 24 V-30 W-3 meters is wrapped around the feed pipe and connected to the heating element in parallel to the power supply cable, coming from the transformer. The heating cable and the water line have to be insulated, however, additionally and protected against biting.
• For power supply a transformer 230/24 V is necessary. For automatic switch on/off of transformer a thermostat (Order Ref. 101.0389) can be additionally installed.

Option B : 24 V-180 W heating element to fix inside the trough. Frost-free down to approx. -20oC
• Comes with stainless steel cover and cable connection box inclusive. For installation only four boring holes have to be drilled into the trough’s bottom according plan.
• To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, a frost protection heating cable 24 V-20 W-2 meters or 24 V-30 W-3 meters has to be used.
• For power supply a transformer 230/24 V is necessary. For automatic switch on/off of transformer a thermostat can be additionally installed.

Option C : Connection to a 3/4'' water loop (three ways)
1. Stainless steel connection set for 1" water circuits suited for all quick drainage troughs. When using this connection set, the valve of the trough can easily be by-passed by a 1" water circuit line. For frost protection of the water in the trough an additional installation of a heating element or a frost protection guard is required.
2. 3/4" circuit pipe in stainless steel suited for installation into all quick drainage troughs. If connected to a water circuit and in combination with a SUEVIA heating unit, frost protection is reached for the water line as well as for the water in the trough.
3. 1'' stainless steel circuit pipe that runs through the whole trough. Ideal for water circuits of large free stalls.

Option D : Frost protection guard by running water
• 3/4" frost protection guard working without electricity. To install over the float valve (131.0521).
• At risk of frost the installed and adjusted frost protection guard opens automatically, the adjusted water quantity flows into the troughover the float valve, situated under the frost protection guard: water in the trough remains in motion and is prevented from freezing! Surplus water produced by the frost protection guard is channeled through the hole in the lever of drainage plug

Pro Advice :For areas dealing with rough winters, a valve heating sleeve, model 527, can be added.


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