Suevia Easycleaner cow brush

Suevia Easycleaner cow brush
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Product description

With its round and compact design, the Easycleaner cow brush is perfect for confined spaces.
Galvanized steel inclined frame with a built-in brush plate.
Its large surface, of 31'' (80 cm) diameter, as well as the rotating movement provides a steady massage of the head, lumbar regions and flanks for a maximum cow comfort.
Suitable for animals of different sizes, thanks to the inclined mounting. No height adjustment needed.
Bristles are made of robust synthetic material for a long-term use.
Endless screw mechanism that is maintenance-free.
The brush starts to turn when animal press up against it.
Change of direction of bristle rotation with each start, ensuring an even use of bristles. Operating time of about two minutes.
Brush overcurrent is adjustable: in case of significant resistance (e.g. A wound-up tail), the motor stops automatically and changes direction of rotation.
For indoor use only. Easy installation on a wall or a post.
Suevia electrical box.

Technical specs
Electric motor: 230 V-50 Hz
Power: 370 W
Rotation: 34 rpm/min
Dimensions: 38'' high x 33'' wide x 31'' depth (96 cm x 83 cm x 78 cm)
Weight: 148 lb (67 kg)

Recommanded for: dairy cows

Dimensions: 35'' high x 24'' wide x 28'' depth (90 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm)
Weight: 143 lb (65 kg)

Recommanded for: calves and goats