Brush for cows by Suevia, Model Proficow-one

Brush for cows by Suevia, Model Proficow-one
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Product description

Robust and durable automatic ProfiCow-One cow brush

For dairy cows, it is essential to scratch and scrub themselves. This behaviour allows cleaning and to get rid of dirt from their skin. Brushing also stimulates blood flow and contributes to animal well-being.

The Proficow-One cow brush is solid and ergonomic.

Proficow-one bristles are made of a very solid and special synthetic plastic and its mechanism works with an endless screw.

Its mounting allows use by animals of different sizes. You don't need to adjust the height.
The cattle brush is triggered by simple lateral pressure from the animal. The change of direction of rotation of bristles each time when proficow-one is operated, ensure an even use of bristles. The operating time is of about approx. 2 min. The resistance reverse mechanism is adjustable. (rotation of 34 rpm).
In case of an overload situation e.g. Wound up tail, cow brush stops automatically and changes direction of rotation.

You can use the cow brush only inside farm buildings.

Technical specs:

- Actuation via maintenance-free and heavy-duty gear with gear wheels made of hardened steel.

- Easy mounting on wall or post.

- Motor capacity: 370 W 

- 240V-50Hz electric motor.

- Electronic box made in Quebec. "ATTENTION, ELECTRONIC BOX SOLD SEPARATELY"

Recommended for: dairy cows.

This product is made in Germany.


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