Calf bottle Vitality system by Milk Bar, 4L (kit of 5)

Calf bottle Vitality system by Milk Bar, 4L (kit of 5)
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Milk Bar Vitality Bottle system

Here’s the new feeding system, the Vitality Bottle. The concept is simple: you combine a specifically designed bottle holder to guarantee the correct positioning of the Milk Bar teat every time, that means teat at a vertical position, and you work with color code clip that clearly identify calves born in the same week. When calves from week one comes to weaning, remove teat from the cap and put a new one for calves born on week 10 (weaning may vary between week 10 to 12).

How to use the Vitality Bottle system:

Day 1 to 3: Use colostrum teat on Vitality cap for the first meals. This teat can be used for many calves.
Day 4: Install a new Milk Bar black teat on the clip of the cap. To clearly identify calves birth week, use same colour on the clip than on the tag attached to the hutch, fence or bottle holder.
Day 21: Based on colour tags, bring calves together so they can interact between them.

Warning: when calves are weaned, it is important to discard used nipples and use new ones to keep having good results.

There is no need to dismantle the Vitality bottle cap for cleaning. Wash the complete unit in warm water with an alcalin detergent and rince well.

The Milk Bar Vitality System is sold in a pack of 5 units:
- 5 bottles
- 5 caps
- 5 bottle holders
- 5 alignment locks
- 1 colostrum teat
- 5 black teats
- 10 coloured clips (one of each colour)
- 10 coloured tags (one of each colour)

*Parts also sold separately


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