Suevia compact water trough for cattle and horses

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Product description

Compact stainless-steel water trough for wall mount. Good for 15 to 20 animals.
Rapid watering thanks to a float valve and water flow up to 40 l/min (9 gal/min).
3/4'' male connection on the left or right hand side.
Large drain plug of 1 1/4'' diameter for easy cleaning.

Two sizes of trough
Model 130.6140: 30 litres capacity (7 gal) - 22'' long (55 cm)
Model 130.6150: 60 litres capacity (14 gal) - 39'' long (100 cm)

Frost-free options down to -20oc:
- 24 V-180 W heating element easy to install under the trough.
- To prevent a frost-free pipe, installation of a heating cable wrap around water pipe is recommended. - Connection between cable and transformer is made in parallel with trough heating element.
- Power supply needs a transformer. A thermostat is also useful.
- For rough winters, a valve heater can be installed on the valve to add frost protection.

Connection for water loop:
With the 3/4'' connection kit for water loop, it is possible to add this trough to a loop. The pipe is feed by warm water coming form Suevia heating unit. This system keeps water frost-free and protect pipeline.
We recommend the use of a Suevia water heating unit (model 303 or 317)

- Heating element (131.6058 for trough 6140 and 131.6059 for trough 6150)
- Galvanized protection bar (131.1390 for trough 6140 and 131.1396 for trough 6150)
- Water loop connection kit (131.6049 for trough 6140 and 131.6052 for trough 6150)
- 200 W or 500 W transformer (transfo-200Ik and 500Ik)
- Valve heating sleeve (131.0527)
- On/off thermostat (101.0389)
- 24 V-20 W-2 metres heating cable (101.0861)
- 24 V-30 W-3 metres heating cable (101.1863)
- 50 metres aluminium adhesive tape (101.1099)
- Heating unit (101.0300 or 101.0303)

Recommended for: cattles, dairy cows, calves and horses. Perfect for animals with nose ring.


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