Suevia rounded rim water trough for cattle

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Product description

Stainless steel water trough with pipe rim welded all around the trough.
Float valve cover has no sharp corners to avoid any risks of injuries for the animal.
Anti-spillage rim to reduce water wastage.
MASTERFLOW float valve with a water flow up to 40 l/min (9 gal).
3/4'' male connection on the front.
Large drainage hole for quick and complete drainage.
With bracket to install a DN 125 drainge tube (sold separately).
A side hole allows drainage when trough is equipped with a frost protection guard, no electricity needed.
Choice of bracket for wall and ground mount or between post up to 3 1/2''.

3 choices of lenght:
- Model 130.7015, 44 litres (10 gal), 59'' (1,5 m)
- Model 130.7020, 65 litres (14 gal), 79'' (2 m)
- Model 130.7030, 107 litres (24 gal), 118'' (3 m)

Frost-free options:

Option A
Connection to a water loop (2 ways)
1- 3/4'' stainless circuit pipe. The pipe is feed by warm water coming from the heating unit. This keeps water frost-free and protects water lines.
2- 1'' stainless steel connection set for water loop. With this connection set, the valve can be bypass by a 1'' circuit line. This is a solution for areas with short and mild period of frost.

Option B
Frost protection guard system working without electricity. To install over existing float valve. In case of intense cold, a valve opens automatically and lets water gently flow, preventing frost as it creates a continuous movement. Water flow is adjustable depending how cold it gets.

- Wall mounting brackets (130.7051)
- Ground mounting brackets with reinforcement bars 130.7054 (59'' high), 130.7055 (79'' high), 130.7056 (118'' high)
- Post mounting brackets (130.7052)
- 3/4'' circuit pipe (131.6064)
- Frost protection guard (131.0519)

Recommended for: cattles and dairy cows


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