Suevia valve trough for sows model 502

Suevia valve trough for sows model 502
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Product description

stainless steel trough, ideal for sows in groups – space-saving, easy cleaning design!
water flow of up to 30 l /min permits a continual and efficient watering of the animals.
valve operation via broad and smoothly running valve flap.
weight-loaded valve, adjustable for high and low water pressure.
always fresh and clean water for your animals: due to water flow and special design of the bowl: feed rests are flushed by the running water and drunk by the animals at the same time.
bowl covered towards the upper lip to prevent dirt entry.
suited for wall or pipe mounting 3/4 male connection from right or left side is possible by changing the valve from right to left or vice versa.

accessoires :
1- heating element (131.0523)
2- 3/4'' connection kit for water loop (103.1984)
3- 100, 200 or 400w transformer
4- heating cable 24v-20w-2 meters (101.0861)
5- heating cable 24v-20w-2 meters (101.1863)
6- on/off thermostat (101.0389)
7- aluminium adhesive tape (101.1099)
8- heating sleeve (131.0527)


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