Agri-plastics Flex calf hutch, with 2 compartments

Agri-plastics Flex calf hutch, with 2 compartments
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Product description

Housing for calves up to 8 weeks old

  • The calf hutch, model AGRI-8002, houses 2 calves separately. On the other hand, you can put them together in a single space simply by removing the central panel.
  • The Flex-Hutch sits on an elevated wooden skid to optimize drainage and improve efficiencies during chore time.
  • The sturdy plastic construction is easier and less expensive to maintain than wooden hutches, while lasting up to four times as long, saving you time, money, and headaches.
  • Ideal for housing male calves outside the farm for a week or two and intended for sale.
  • Excellent option for bio-security to prevent potential contaminations between calves.
  • Cleans and sanitizes easily, so you can put it back in service with zero downtime.
  • Simplifies daily chores such as bedding, feeding, watering, and cleaning.
  • Protects calves against bad weather.
  • Adjustable, hinged Flex Roof Cover™ opens in one easy movement.
  • Adjustable rear door allows single-motion ventilation control.
  • Pails and holders included.
  • 10-years limited warranty.
  • Bottles and holders sold separately.
  • There is also a three compartments model : AGRI-8001

Calf hutch dimensions

Inside living area per calf, double unit: 68'' long x 46'' wide x 49'' high (180 x 117 x 125 cm).

Weight: 102 kg (226 lbs).