100% secure payment

100% secure payment

100% secure payment on our online store

The Agriclé Website allows you to pay for your online purchases by credit card via VISA or MASTERCARD.

Terms and conditions

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All of your online credit card transactions made on Agriclé website are secure payments.

You can pay with your VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.

Terms and Conditions

Security measures are applied to your payments:

  • All your transactions are carried out under SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) for data confidentiality reasons;
  • At no time, your bank card number cannot be consulted by Agriclé or any other external party;
  • All your bank details are encrypted and cannot be intercepted;
  • Your payments are completely automated with immediate notification;
  • You can delete the information linked to your credit card after each payment in your browser;
  • During a transaction, your bank card number will only be visible when entering the required field;
  • A captcha decryption system is automatically generated to protect your data and prevent fraud.

Payments processed through Agriclé's Website (www.agricle.com) are in Canadian and US dollars.

Respect for your privacy and the security of your banking data are our priorities.

If you have any questions regarding a payment, please contact us at [email protected] or by phone at 450 994-3130, ext. 130.