Agri-Plastics indoor calf Starter Pen

Agri-Plastics indoor calf Starter Pen
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Product description

Starter calf pen to provide an ideal and healthy start to house your new-born calves, up to 10 days of age.

Convenient and durable dairy calf pen

  • Starter Pen for rearing calves during start-up periods, made from robust plastic.
  • Designed for a short-term use: before moving calves in an individual or group hutch, indoor pen or robotic feeding set-ups.
  • The calf pen is installed directly on the ground, inside or outside under a shelter.
  • To allow optimal drainage, a slatted floor can be added, either with legs or wheels.
  • Slatted floor for Agri-Plastics Starter Pen helps improve ventilation and is easy to flip to clean for proper hygiene.
  • Calf pen easy to clean and makes it easier to manage calf health.

Technical characteristics of the calf Starter-Pen

  • Resistant polyethylene rotomoulded in one piece.
  • Completely opaque and protects against UV rays.
  • Available with two airflow vents on the back.
  • Delivered with the front door of your choice: either a door configured to install a feeder or to install a bottle*.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Accessories available for feeding and watering.

*Pails, bottles, and holders sold separately.

Calf pen dimensions

  • Outside: 51,5" long x 40" wide x 42,5" high (102 x 131 x 108 cm)
  • Inside: 47" long x 34,5" wide x 42" high (88 x 120 x 106 cm)
  • Slatted floor: 55" long x 42" wide x 9,25" high (106 x 140 x 23 cm)


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