Cast-iron drinking bowl model 375, 3/4'' brass valve

Cast-iron drinking bowl model 375, 3/4'' brass valve
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Suevia water bowl for water loop mounting with a Suevia heating unit.
Enamelled cast-iron bowl and easy to clean.
Unlike classic water bowl with constant water level, water doesn’t stagnate so it’s always clean and fresh.
3/4'' smoothly running brass valve, even at high water pressure of 6 bar. Can be operated from all sides.
Little hollow, which acts as a water supply behind the valve, encourages animal learning.*
Female connection from top or bottom.
Water flow up to 12 l/min (2,7 gal).
Water flow adjustable with a screw located in front of the valve. No dismantling needed.
Special desing allows mounting on poles, walls or 90o corners.

- Fastening U-bracket for 1 1/2’’ to 2’’ pipes (131.0169)
- Stainless steel height adjustment kit. Adjustment of 50 cm per 10 cm step (101.0433)
- 3/4'' stainless connection pipe (102.1127)
- 3/4'' connection set for water loop (103.1983)
- Heating unit (101.0303, 101.0317, 101.2280)
- Adapter plate for 2 1/2'' to 3 1/2'' pipes (101.1240) and its U-bracket 2 1/2'' (101.1241) or 3 1/2'' (101.1242)
- Bracket for corner installation (101.1490)
- Valve protection (102.0262)

Recommended for: calves, sheep and goats, dogs

* young animals, which have not yet learn to drink, lap the remaining water in the bowl and in the hollow. Automatically, they touch and activate the tube valve. Quickly, they will make a link between these two to get water.


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