EXL Agri-Plastics single calf hutch, left door

EXL Agri-Plastics single calf hutch, left door
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Product description

This large individual calf hutch with right side door is designed for longer growth rearing period, 8 to 12 weeks of age.

Extra-large Agri-Plastics calf house 

This large Agri-Plastics calf house offers better calf protection against wind, rain, and snow (for colder regions).

The rear of the hutch stays dryer and keeps the animal warm on cold days.

EXL Agri-Plastics calf hutch features 

  • Molded from robust plastic and resistant against UV rays
  • Comfortable temperature at all times in the breeding hutch

- Ventilation options for better airflow control.

- The choice to put the side door, which opens and closes, on the left or on the right of the hutch. A latch helps hold the open door in place.

- Several accessories available for feeding and watering.

Single calf hutch Dual EXL version comes with these accessories:

  • 21” wide rear door that opens completely to allow good air circulation. When closed, rain cannot enter thanks to the upper rim which protects against the weather. The door is held in place by a sliding metal latch. Having a large opening also makes it easier to add litter.
  • Adjustable ventilation on the roof thanks to a sliding vent.
  • 1 double holder and 2 pails.
  • Complete hardware kit
    Exterior dimensions: 97.5” long x 62.5” wide x 56” high (248 x 159 x 142 cm)

Interior dimensions: 90.5” long x 56.5” wide x 51” high (230 x 144 x 130 cm)

Calf hut weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)

Bottle and holder sold separately.

Calf hutch accessories 

  • Galvanized steel fence to enlarge the space for the calves. Dimensions of 72" long X 62.5" wide (AGRI-2001).
  • 4 liters bottle + steel or plastic holder
  • Heavy-duty plastic fence pail, (AGRI-1056)
  • Kit of 2 buckets (AGRI-1049H) with plastic supports for the fence (AGRI-1048D)
  • Feeder with one or two teats Milk Bar



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