HDPE Panel, White, Grade A, 48'' x 96'' x 220 mil

HDPE Panel, White, Grade A, 48'' x 96'' x 220 mil
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Product description

Choose our HDPE panel for your pigsties, barns, car washes or for your industrial buildings. Our product is durable and represents a profitable investment. It will not break under the force of a blow from an animal, machinery or recurrent friction. 

Very resistant polyethylene panel against strong impacts

  • White polyethylene panel, 100% waterproof.
  • Ideal for covering interior walls.
  • Ultra-smooth, non-porous surface. More durable than low-density polyethylene board and other traditional materials such as wood or drywall.
  • Withstands temperature variations without cracking.
  • High-density polyethylene panel that is highly resistant to corrosion, mold and rot.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Can be easily washed with a pressure washer.
  • Made in Quebec.
  • Covers a width of 4' and a length of 8'. Different thicknesses available.
  • Also available by rolls.
  • HDPE sheet perfect for highly demanding commercial, industrial and agricultural applications, especially in environments exposed to moisture and chemicals.
  • Custom color available upon request.

Technical specifications of polyethylene sheet


  • Dimensions: 48'' x 96'' (1.2m x 2.4m)
  • Thickness: 220 mil (1/4’’)
  • Weight: 16,2 kg (35 lbs)


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