Heated waterer with steel support, Model 1230, 31''

Heated waterer with steel support, Model 1230, 31''
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Product description

• Robust steel support helps to protect drinking bowls against blows and impacts of bulls (or other animals). The force of jumping bulls is transferred to the post, preventing a crash of the
drinking bowl. All intakes (water, electricity and heating cable) are protected inside steel support.
• The bowl and 3/4'' valve are made in stainless steel. Drinking height of 31'' (78 cm).
• Drinking bowl builds one unit with integrated steel support.
• Mounting on a wall or on a post possible.
• Special holes are foreseen for installation between the gates, as well as for mounting of the heating element and of the circuit pipe.
Recommended for : dry cows, cattles, bulls (without nose ring), young bulls and horses

Accessories :
• 3/4'' water loop kit (103.3002).
• 24 V-80 W heating element kit (101.0458).
• On/off automatic thermostat (101.0389).
• 24 V transformers of 50, 100, 200 or 500 W.
• Heating cable of 24 V-20 W-2 meters (101.0861) or 24 V-30 W-3 meters (101.1863).
• Aluminium adhesive tape (101.1099).

Options for frost protection
Option A : Connection to water loop
In combination with a Suevia connection set for 3/4" water loop in stainless steel, an easy integration into water circuits is possible. A perforated hole (on left or right side) is foreseen for installation of the circuit pipe. Circuit pipe is protected by the steel post against animals impacts.
Attention : remaining water in the bowl may freeze. It is recommended to install a Suevia heating unit.

Option B : Frost-free with heating set, feed pipe connection from below
To protect the valve and the bowl from freezing, a heating set of 24 V-80 W is installed inaccessible for the animals inside of the steel support underneath the bowl.
To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, it is recommended to install a heating cable of 24 V-20 W-2 meters or 24 V-30 W-3 meters, wrapped around the water pipe and connected to the transformer together with the heating element of the drinker. All water line pipes must be insulated. For automatic switch on/off of transformer, a thermostat can be additionally installed.


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