Isothermal frost free waterer, Model 6621, 380 W

Isothermal frost free waterer, Model 6621, 380 W
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Product description

Freeze proof waterer with electricity 

  • Frost free insulated waterer, Sibiria 130.6621, with two drinking stations that takes up little space. Perfect for free stall farms.
  • No pushing and shoving in front of the waterer, each animal having separate access.
  • Polyethylene base with double insulated wall. Six ground mounting holes.
  • Constant-level waterer, enough to water 30 to 40 animals.
  • Stainless-steel tanks and cover. Access to the float valve by the lift-up cover, no tools needed.
  • Large access hatch for making water and electricity connections under the watering tanks.
  • 3/4'' connection from the bottom and comes with a braided hose.
  • Insulated livestock waterer, providing calm and abundant watering with electricity thanks to the MAXIFLOW float ensuring a high-water flow of 40 l/min (10 gal).
  • Large water drain plug for quick cleaning. The water can be evacuated from the outside or from the inside of the base by installing a pipe (sold separately). This method avoids frozen ground in winter.
  • For dairy cows, it is recommended to install the waterer on a concrete base 20 centimetre high.
  • Ideal for animals with nose ring.
  • The Sibiria model 6621 is delivered with a 24 V-380 W heating system (2 heating elements of 24 V-180 W + 24 V-20 W heating cable) to keep the tank and the water supply from freezing down to -30°C.
  • A transformer is necessary for the installation (supplied separately).

Frost free livestock waterer accessories

  • Anti-spillage rim reduces water losses to a minimum (131.1193)
  • For extremely cold areas, a heating sleeve to wrap around valve (131.0527)
  • 500 W transformer (500Ik)
  • On/off thermostat (101.0389)

Insulated waterer suitable for cattle, dairy cows, horses, and sheep.



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