Plastic pasture water trough, Model WT200, 60'', 200 L

Plastic pasture water trough, Model WT200, 60'', 200 L
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Product description

Big volume rectangular pasture trough to supply water for groups of animals on pasture. Excellent water trough, made of high-quality UV-resistant polyethylene with a large drain hole for quick and easy drainage, as well as cleaning.

This durable and solid quality pasture trough can hydrate several animals at the same time for a total capacity of 200 liters (44 gallons). It is convenient to move it anywhere outdoors.

The pasture water trough is often used on livestock farms and stables to provide clean, fresh water to animals.

This rectangular pasture trough has an internally rolled rim to reduce water spillage and facilitate watering. It can be equipped at any time with a 3/4'' float valve for automatic filling.

Installation requires drilling a hole on site. This water trough has lateral fixing loops for better mounting on pasture.

If you use it effectively, you can improve your animals' productivity!


  • Brand: Suevia
  • Weight: 15 kg /33 lbs
  • Trough dimensions: 60 ¼'' x 21 ¼'' x 20 ½'' (153 x 54 x 52 cm)

This Suevia trough is perfect for watering horses, cattles, calves, sheep, and goats.


  • Easyflow membrane float valve model 800 (131.0800)
  • High pressure float valve model 671 (131.0671)
  • High pressure float valve model 674 (131.0674)
  • Low pressure float valve model 675 (131.0675)


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