Revolution Snap On Calf Nipple for bottles by Milk Bar

Revolution Snap On Calf Nipple for bottles by Milk Bar
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Product description

Controlled flow teat for better calf health

The Revolution Milk Bar Teat has been designed to prevent digestive problems caused by feeding system with a bottle & fast feeding nipple. Easy to use, it snaps quickly onto all Snap On bottles. 

Because it is a controlled milk flow nipple, the animal produces maximum saliva, which greatly helps to strengthen the immune system. In addition, a slow feeding reduces stress on the digestive system as well as nutritional diarrhea. 

Once the calf has finished drinking, he is satisfied and rested. He will try less to suckle other calves in the group (cross suckling phenomenon). 

The calf bottle teat is used over a period of 8 to 10 weeks. You will find that it must be replaced if the calves are agitated after feeding: they suckles between them or on an object. This is the right time to change the teat. 

Calf drinking nipple characteristics

- It has five slits positioned in a circle to control the flow of the milk, regardless how the bottle is placed. 

- A well placed, leaf-proof breather hole stops bottles sucking in. 

- The unique natural rubber formulation ensures that the nipple snaps perfectly on the neck and stays in place. 

Like all Milk Bar teats, the Revolution as the same benefits as the others: 

- No valve inside the teat, so no risk of bacterias. 

- Extremely durable with longer lifespan than any other calf bottle nipple. 

- Simulates the action of a natural slow suckling. 

- The Milk Bar teat significantly reduces cross suckling. 

- Calves drink at a controlled flow, at the right speed, produce lot of saliva and are relax after feeding. 

- Higher weight gain and better performances as an adult. 

For cleaning, wash few times a week with a mild dish washing soap or a non chlorinated dairy detergent. This removes milk fat and protein residues that stick to natural rubber. Can also be put into a dairy bottle washer. 



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