Separator Panel for Flex-Pen, 5'

Separator Panel for Flex-Pen, 5'
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Detachable centre panel (divider) for stand-alone Flex-Pen for calves.
This innovative system can transform from single to group housing for health reasons or animal welfare.
You can think of different settings to suits your operations, thanks to the unique lock block and divider.
You just need to lift-up the lock block at each ends, remove the divider and add the group housing bar.
To set-up your Flex-Pen, you need:
3 side panels, 1 group housing bar, 1 double front panel with doors and one double rear panel with wired doors or ventilation system.
Two 9,5 litres buckets and holders are included with the front door.

- Choice of wired or plastic rear door
- Reinforced steel frame inside the front panel for sturdiness
- Easy access from the back to add litter
- Adjustable bucket heights
- Molded from heavy-gauge plastic
- Compatible with robotic feeding
- Can be mount on a wall
- Light and easy to clean

Flex-Pen dimensions with the 5 foot panels: 72'' long x 48'' wide x 45'' high
Depth of the Flex-Pen depends on dividing panel's lenght (5, 6 or 7 feet)


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