Stainless steel valve trough drinker, model 480, low connection

Stainless steel valve trough drinker, model 480, low connection
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Stainless steel valve trough drinker for 15 to 20 animals. Perfect for free stalls and save space.
With integrated 3/4'' connection for water loop.
Connection to water loop with one 3/4'' male connection from bottom (mod. 130.0480).
Possibility to install a 24 V-80 W heating element for frost protection.
Quick and efficient watering for animals, thanks to double water flow up to 30 l/min (8 gal).
Valve is activate by the large tongue.
Animals always gets clean and fresh water and the tank holds very little water.
Fodder residues mix with water and are re-eaten by the animal. Drinker is always clean: self-cleaning action.
For cleaning, the valve cover can be opened without use of tools.
Covered top to prevent dirt entry.
Wall or pole mounting.

- Galvanized steel protection bar (131.1391)
- 24 V-80 W heating element (131.0528)
- 90o wall mounting bracket (131.1050)
- Galvanized steel protection bar for trough with mounting bracket (131.1394)
- 24 V transformer of 100, 200 or 500 W
- On/off thermostat (101.0389)

Recommended for: cattle and dairy cows


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