Steel support for drinking bowl model 25R, 31'' (80 cm).

Steel support for drinking bowl model 25R, 31'' (80 cm).
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Product description

Suevia support, made of thick hot-galvanized steel, for water bowl model 25R.
The use of this support is to protect and prevent damages of the water bowl against blows and cattle impacts (or other animals).
All inlets (water, heating cable and electricity) are protected inside the steel support.
Height available: 31'' (80 cm).
Possibility to mount on a wall or a post and fastening material is included.
Special holes are foreseen for installation between gates, as well as for mounting heating element and circuit pipe.

Options for frost protection:

1- Connection to a water loop
In combination with the 3/4'' connection kit for water loop, an easy integration is possible. A perforated hole (on left or right handside) is foressen. Valve is frost-protected and the circuit is protected against animals impact.
Warning: remaining water in the bowl may freeze. It is recommended to install a heating unit.
2- Frost resistant with a heating element, pipe connection from below
To protect the bowl and the valve from freezing, a 24 V-80 W heating element is installed inside the steel support underneath the bowl.
The tube valve and the drinking bowl are protected.
To prevent frost in the water inlet, a heating cable, 24 V-20 W-2 meters or 24 V-30 W-3 meters, has to be wrapped around the water pipe and connected to the transformer together with the heating element of the drinking bowl.
A transformer is necessary for power supply. For automatic switch on/off of the transformer, a thermostat can be installed.

- 3/4'' connection kit for water loop (103.1983)
- 24 V-80 W heating element (101.0458)
- 100, 200 or 500W transformers (transfo-100ik00, transfo-200ik and transfo-500ik)
- Heating unit (101.0303, 101.0317, 101.2280)
- Heating cable, 2 meters (101.0861) or 3 meters (101.1863)
- Aluminium adhesive tape (101.1099)
- On/off thermostat (101.0389)

Recommended for: dry cows, bulls, cattle and horses


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