Suevia cow sratcher, Model Krazzmaxx

Suevia cow sratcher, Model Krazzmaxx
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Automatic cow brushing machine

The Suevia Krazzmaxx Cow Brush has an ergonomic shape. It's a double rotating brush that was manufactured in Germany. The best on the market!

- Allows the cow to remove dirt and scratch safely.
- Bristles are made of a very solid and special plastic for a long lifespan.
- Actuation via maintenance-free and heavy-duty gear with gear wheels made of hardened steel.
- The electric motor is protected against splash-water and dust.
- This cattle brush simply triggers by vibration, as soon as the animal touches the brush. It is therefore necessary to make sure to install it on a fixed post or a wall (and not on a fence) because, if the animal touches the fence and makes it vibrate, the brush will start each time.
- Once turned on, it rotates continuously as long as the cow remains under the brush. After use, it runs for about 20 seconds before stopping.
- Resistance reverse mechanism adjustable: In case of an overload situation e.g. wound up tail, the motor stops automatically and changes direction of rotation.
- Thanks to its pendulum mounting, the cattle brush is suitable for animals of different size.

The cow brush is delivered complete and ready to assemble.


- Up to 10’’ (25 cm) height range depending size of cows.
- For indoor and outdoor use. (ideally under cover).
- Easy installation on a wall or on a post.
- Electric motor : 230 V-50 Hz
- Integrated frequency converter allows energy savings of up to 35% compared to conventional motors
- Revolution of bristle : 60 rpm/min. Motor capacity: 370 W
- Includes JPS Electronic box made in Canada with a 3-year warranty.
- 1-year warranty on mechanical.

Dimensions: 16'' wide x 42'' deep x 45'' high (40 x 108 x 115 cm).
Weight: approx. 130 kg (287 lbs)

One brush is ideal for 60 cows and intended to treat up to a maximum of 100 cows.


- Support plate for wall or post installation, sold separately (530.5004-SUP).


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