Suevia Thermo freeze proof water trough for cows and cattle, Model 6543

Suevia Thermo freeze proof water trough for cows and cattle, Model 6543
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Product description

Two-part large water trough with high capacity 

  • Suevia freeze proof water trough, model 130.6543, well-insulated, double-walled trough made of 100% polyethylene.
  • For power supply a transformer of 230/24 V is necessary. (available from 50 to 500 W) – sold separately. For automatic switch on/off of the transformer a thermostat can be additionally installed.
  • Length of 14’ (4.3 meters) and capacity of approximately 320 liters (70 gal)
  • Made of two parts: a Master Trough with the float valve cover and an extension-trough that can be combined using a mounting kit.
  • Isothermal insulated water trough made for ground fixing.
  • Thanks to a compact modular execution, ideal dimensions for transportation.
  • The very good insulation keeps the water fresh in summer and frost-free in winter, down to -10°C without electricity. With the addition of a heating element, the float valve is kept frost-free down to -30°C.
  • Both trough parts have an inclined and conical bottom and can be quickly drained for cleaning purposes through large drainage holes.
  • Equipped as standard with a Suevia Maxiflow float valve, providing a generous water flow of up to 40 l/min (10 gal). If a higher water flow is desired, a second float valve can be installed additionally.
  • For water level adjustment or for cleaning purposes the insulated float valve cover can easily be removed without tools.
  • The lateral large service door, which can also be opened without tools, enables an easy connection of water and power supply.

Tips for using the Suevia insulated trough

  • To prevent the animals from jumping into the trough, an anti-jump protection bar must be installed above the trough.
  • Anti-bite protection is a must for biting animals.
  • Suits for 50 to 90 dairy cows.
  • Frost free water trough recommanded for: cows, cattle, and young animals.

Frost protection options down to -30°C with a heating element 

  • 24 V-180 W heating element for direct installation into the trough to ensure high frost protection.
  • To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, a frost protection heating cable 24 V-20W 2 meters or a 24 V-30W 3 meters has to be used. The heating cable should be wrapped around the pipe and connected to the heating element of the trough in parallel to the power supply cable, coming from the transformer.
  • If this heating cable is installed on plastic pipes, make sure that this water pipe is suited for warm and cold water. For better heat distribution the water pipe must be wrapped first with an aluminium adhesive tape.
  • If additionally connected to a Suevia heating unit an optimum of frost protection of the water line is reached.

Free stall thermo water trough accessories 

  • 24 V-180 W heating element (6069).
  • Anti-bite protection (6065).
  • 1'' mounting kit for water loop (103.1985).
  • Suevia Maxiflow low pressure float valve model 738 (0738).
  • Suevia Maxiflow high pressure float valve model 700 (0700).



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