Suevia Thermo water trough model 6543

Suevia Thermo water trough model 6543
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Thermo large-volume water trough with insulated double wall in polyethylene.
Ground installation.
Length of 4.3 metres (14’) and capacity of approximately 320 litres (84 gal).
Composed in two parts: a primary drinking bowl with the float block and an extension drinking bowl joined with a mounting kit.
The conical and inclined bottom of the two drinking bowls are connected by a pipe.
The insulation keeps the water cool in the summer and ice-free in winter, down to -10°C.
With the addition of additional heating, the float valve is kept frost-free down to -30°C
Large drain plug at the bottom of each tank for easy and fast cleaning.
Equipped with a MAXIFLOW float valve ensuring a water flow of up to 40 L/min (10 gal/min).
Possibility to add a second float valve.
Removable float valve protection cover; no tools needed.
Large hatch on the side for easy connection of water and electricity systems.
To prevent animals from jumping into the drinking bowl, protection is provided above or around the bowl.
Options for frost protection with a heating element:
24V-180W to be placed inside the float valve unit. A 110/24V transformer supplies the power. To keep the water supply from freezing, a heating cable can be installed along the water line. If a polyethylene pipe is used we recommand covering it with an aluminium strip before installing the heating cable to better distribute the heat.


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