Suevia water heated unit for waterer, Model 303, 230V

Suevia water heated unit for waterer, Model 303, 230V
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Suevia water heating unit with stainless steel base circulation pump 

The Suevia water heater, model 303, is a premium water heater, particularly for suevia waterers. It keeps insulated water circuits (1/2'' or 3/4'') frost-free up to a maximum of 200 meters (i.e., 656 feet) during cold temperatures.

The automatic water circulation guarantees constantly temperate water for your farm animals.

With this Suevia water heater you can easily assemble all your drinking waterers for cows, horses, calves, pigs, goats and sheeps. Know that your animals are guaranteed to be supplied with water, even in very frosty conditions.

It has been designed for use in exposed locations and free stalls. 

Technical specifications:

  • The heating element is thermostatically controlled and equipped with a with an overheating protection. Desired water flow temperature can be adjusted at a regulable.
  • Cage of heating element in premium enamelled cast iron.
  • The watererheatercirculationunit is fitted with a 3000 W heating element and a circulation pump with stainless-steel base (230 V, 93 W).
  • Water connections are hold in 3/4". See the ¾’’ water flow control (101.0309)
  • This Sueviawater heater for automatic livestock waterers comes with a vent-valve, pressure relief valve, non-return valve and non-return flap.
  • Factory-mounted on a plate ready for immediate installation and use.
  • One residual-current device 30mA must be provided by the customer to protect the electrical installation.

Keep your animals water protected from frost and opt for our Suevia heating unit, a perfect system for your livestock waterers!

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