Suevia water tank for pasture, Model 305, 47'', 500 L

Suevia water tank for pasture, Model 305, 47'', 500 L
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Adapt your pasture waterer to our Suevia Livestock water tank!

The livestock water tank has good stability and is mainly used to distribute water to animals on pasture.

This water tank is made of premium high-density polyethylene and treated for UV-resistant.

Water stock tank with additional hole 1” male thread for complete quick drainage or for connection of a pasture waterer.


  • Charging hole of 12'' (30 cm) diameter with tiltable cover.
  • Cover with quick opening device, air valve and air relief valve included.
  • With guidance for tension belt for safer transportation.
  • At bottom side with four screw nuts M8-female thread enabling, for example, easy fixation on wooden bars.
  • Capacity of 500 liters (110 gal).
  • Weight: 27 kg /60 lbs.
  • Dimensions of the water stock tank: 47 ¼'' x 31 ½'' x 35 ¾'' (120 x 80 x 91 cm)
  • Brand: Suevia

Livestock water tank accessories:

  • Maxiflow float valve for automatic filling of the water tank (131.0700).

Waterers options:

  1. Pasture waterer with constant water level model 130P-N (100.0131)
  2. Waterers for water tank models 98 and 180P (100.0098 et100.0180).
  3. Trough for water tank model FT80 (160.0280).

German made product.


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