See why farmers and farm building contractors choose our products. Quality, durability and reliability are assets that we seek for all the products that we offer to our customers.

  • Les Constructions Auvent

    We use Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard since many years for agricultural projects. It brings a nice finish without apparent screws. Our customers love them because there are so easy to maintain and they retain their beauty over the years. - Jasmin Lampron, buyer

    Jasmin Lampron
  • Lachtrep Farm, Beef Calves

    - With the controlled flow Milk Bar teat, the mortality rate of my calves dropped drastically by 50% right from the start, say Luc Lachapelle.

    - Calves will often finish their milk and then they rest because they feel calm. - Joanie Lachapelle-Trépanier.

    - The day that all dairy farmers will use Milk Bar teats, life will be wonderful for calf producers! - Luc Lachapelle

    Luc Lachapelle and Joanie Lachapelle-Trépanier
  • F. Ménard, Pork Producer

    We have tried many types of rubber mats for sows with pain on legs. No mats last very long and we've spent lots of time changing them.

    Finally, we were able to find a mat that is suitable for both gestation and farrowing. It is with full confidence that we supply the Split Saver mat to our breeders. - Alexandre Bienvenue

    Alexandre Bienvenue