Thermo-Source freeze proof waterer, Model 630, 1 drinking station

Thermo-Source freeze proof waterer, Model 630, 1 drinking station
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Non electric frost free waterer for cattle and horses 

  • THERMO-SOURCE frost-resistant waterer with ball, model 130.0630, one watering station and insulated double-walled which provide frost-free water without use of electricity even at temperature below zero.
  • Made of premium quality polyethylene and perfect for cold areas without electricity.
  • The double-walled tub and cover are filled with polyurethane foam which assure a perfect insulation.
  • Water inlet comes from underground pipes and water is warmed by the heat coming from the ground (around 6°C in winter).
  • Water runs into the freeze proof waterer by the high-capacity Maxiflow float valve, up to 40l/min (8.8 gal) and water level is adjustable.
  • Constant drinking by animals guarantees a renewal of "heart-warmed" water in the insulated waterer.
  • The drinking place is closed with a ball, which is pushed aside by the animals when they want to drink. Once it's done, the ball closes the opening.
  • 2 large drainage plugs to empty water from inside or outside.
  • Armoured hose and socle sealing in scope of delivery.
  • Frost-protected down to -25°C without electricity and down to -35°C with a heating element and a transformer.
  • 40 liters capacity (9 gal).
  • Sufficient water supply of approx. 20 big animals. Recommended quantity of animals in case of minus temperatures at least 10 animals.
  • Non electric frost free waterer recommended for dairy cows and horses

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