Constant water level trough float valve, Model 620, double

Constant water level trough float valve, Model 620, double
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Product description

Stainless steel trough drinker with float valve. For 30 to 40 animals with two facing drinking places.
Fast and sufficient watering with a MAXIFLOW high flow float valve ensuring a water flow of up to 40 litres per minute (8,8 gal).
3/4" male connection on the right or left side.
Comes with two big drain plugs.
Possibility to be mounted on a loop circuit with specific accessories.
Entirely covered top to prevent fouling. Possible mounting on a wall or a post.

Options for frost protection with heating element
- 24V heating elements to fix under the trough.
- To prevent frost in the water inlet, installation of a 2 or 3 meters heating cable is recommended around the pipe 24V-20W-2 m or 24V-30W-3 m.
- Heating cable and pipe must be isolated and protected from animal bites.
- For extremely cold winters, a heating sleeve can be added on the valve.

Connection to a water loop
With a 3/4’’ connection kit (103.1984), it is possible to integrate this trough to a water loop. The pipe is supplied by warm water coming from Suevia heating unit. This system keeps water frost-free and protect pipelines.

1- Galvanized steel protection bar (131.1393)
2- 90o wall mounting (131.1050)
3- 24V-80W heating element (131.0524)
4- Water loop connection set (103.3004)
5- 100W transformer (transfo-100Ik)
6- 200W transformer (transfo-200Ik)
7-500W transformer (transfo-500Ik)
8- Heating sleeve (131.0527)
9- On/off thermostat (101.0389)
10- 6,5' - 2 meters heating cable (101.0861)
11- 9,8' - 3 meters heating cable (101.1863)
12- 50 meters aluminium tape (101.1099)
13- Protection for trough with mounting brackets (131.1394)


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