Heated drinking bowl model 12p-hk, 3/4'' brass valve

Heated drinking bowl model 12p-hk, 3/4'' brass valve
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Heated waterer for horses and calves

- To ensure that your horses and calves are well hydrated, the heated waterer model 100.0121 is perfect as it keeps the water frost-free down to -20oC.

- Power requires a 24 V transformer (50 to 500 W) - Sold separetely.

- Bowl made of high-strength AQUATHAN plastic that is resistant to blows and shocks.

- The heated waterer is equipped with a flexible 3/4'' running brass tube valve which smoothly releases the water.

- Connection from top or bottom.

- This waterer has no sharp edges, so no risks of injury for your animals.

- You have the possibility to fix it on wall or post.

Technical characteristics:

- The frost protection of the bowl, the valve and the feed pipe is done by a 3 meters long heating cable of 24 V-30 W (cable supplied). It is inserted in a special flexible rubber carter fixed under the bowl. An aluminium foil fixed at the bottom of the bowl provides a constant heat distribution.

- Frost protection for the valve itself is guaranteed by three tightly fitted windings above the valve. With the rest of the heating cable of approx. 2 m, the feed pipe is maintained frost-free in addition.

- The adjustment of the water flow is done continuously from outside by means of a regulation screw, you do not need to disassemble.

Recommended for: calves up to 6 months and horses


• Two brackets with reinforcing plates for 1 1/2'' to 2'' poles (101.0167)
• Automatic thermostat (101.0389)
• 24 V transformer of 50, 100, 200 or 500 W
• Resettable water meter RW1 (101.0444)
• 1/2'' stainless steel connection pipe, male/male 


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