Heated water bowl model 46, 3/4'' brass valve

Heated water bowl model 46, 3/4'' brass valve
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Product description

• Heated drinking bowl with smoothly running tube valve for wall and pipe mounting of 2'' to 3''.
• Power requires a 24 V transformer (50 to 500W) – sold separately.
• Smoothly running 3/4’’ brass valve. 
• Frost-protected down to -15°C (remaining water in the bowl will not freeze).
• Frost-protected down to -35°C with subsequent installation of 24 V-5 W valve heating supplied on demand.
• One drinker is sufficient for 15 to 20 animals.
• Easy access to installed heating element, which is installed out of reach for the animals between the two bowl parts.
• Female connection from top and male connection from bottom.
• Water flow continuously adjustable from outside by means of a regulation screw.
• To ensure a frost-free feed pipe, it is recommended to install a heating cable of 24 V-20 of 2 meters or 24 V-30 W of 3 meters, wrapped around the water pipe and connected to the transformer together with the heating element of the drinker. If the heating cable is installed on plastic pipes, make sure that this water pipe is suited for warm and cold water. For better heat distribution the water pipe has to be wrapped with an aluminium adhesive tape.
Recommended for : cows, bulls, calves and horses

Accessories :
• Two fastening brackets for 2’’ to 3’’ poles (101.0180).
• Connection kit for water loop from the top (103.3005) or from the bottom (103.3006).
• 24 V-5 W valve heating with thermostat, cable of 3 meters (101.1405).
• Transformers of 24 V of 50, 100, 200 or 500 W.
• On/off thermostat (101.0389).
• Heating cable of 24 V-20 W-2 meters (101.0861) or 24 V-30 W-3 meters (101.1863).
• Aluminium adhesive tape (101.1099).


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