Suevia heated waterer with float valve, model 43A, 24 V-80 W

Suevia heated waterer with float valve, model 43A, 24 V-80 W
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Product description

Frost-Free Constant Level Waterer

- The heated enamelled cast-iron waterer, model SIBIRIA 100.1044, protects against freezing during cold weather and down to -20owith the 80 W heating element.

- A built-in anti-overheating thermostat to protect the water in the bowl against overheating at temperatures close to 0oC.

- This top-quality heated automatic livestock waterer contributes to have constantly fresh and clean water for your animals, and specifically with sensitive muzzles, thanks to an automatic water filling. It is suitable for 15 to 20 animals.

- Adjusting the water level of this automatic constant level waterer is simple to make and the water flow is up to 5 l/min, depending on the given pressure.

- The power supply requires a 24 V transformer (available from 50 to 500 W).

Technical tips

- In general, the water pressure should not exceed 5 bar.

- To keep the water supply frost-free, it is recommended to install a heating cable for your waterer around the hose (24 V-20 or 30 W) of 2 or 3 meters in a spiral along the water pipe.

Recommended accessories for Suevia waterer

  • Anti-spillage rim made of epoxy cast-iron (101.1068).
  • Heating cable 24 V-20 W-2 meters (101.0861) or 24 V-30 W-3 meters (101.1863).
  • 24 V transformer (100 W or 200 W).
  • An automatic thermostat (101.0389).
  • This model of waterer is designed to be mounted on Suevia insulating tubes (101.0344, 101.0346, 101.0348 or 101.0345).
  • Anti overheating thermostat (101.0438) which is also suitable for the old model 100.1043 (2020 and less). To make it work, you must also order the automatic thermostat 101.0389.

Anti-spillage heated animal waterer recommended for cows, calves, sheep, goats, cattle (with anti-suckler), bulls (with nose ring), horses, dogs, deer and pigs.

For colder areas, you can buy the Sibiria version with an heating element of 180 W (100.1044).


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