Heated waterer with tongue valve, model 41A, 24 V- 80 W

Heated waterer with tongue valve, model 41A, 24 V- 80 W
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Product description

Suevia waterer for cows, cattle, horses and pigs

The vertical tongue valve heated waterer, model 100.0041, is equipped with an enamelled cast-iron bowl. 

The power supply requires a 24 V transformer (available from 50 to 500 W). – sold separately.

Efficient against frost down to -25°C with the integrated 80 W heating element.

With this type of livestock heated waterer, your horses, pigs and cattle have easy access to fresh water by pressing the smooth running tongue valve which automatically fills the bowl.

Back-stroke-free valve allows the water flow to be adjusted up to 15 l/min for a maximum water pressure of 6 bar

This valve is designed to close slowly even at higher water pressure, thus preventing strokes in the water line.

The waterer comes with four nozzles of different diameters to obtain the ideal flow rate depending on the pressure.

Reliable functioning even when ferruginous or aggressive water is given.

This livestock waterer is sufficient for 15 to 20 cattle or horses.

Installation tips:

To keep the water inlet frost-free, a heating cable of 2 or 3 meters should be installed in a spiral along the water pipe.

This Suevia heated waterer is designed to be installed on insulating Thermo Tube.

Suggested accessories:

To obtain a frost-protection down to -35, get the 41A Sibiria model (100.1041)


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